PDSA Farnworth Shop

Our PDSA Farnworth Shop in Farnworth sells a wide range of high quality clean donated clothes available at very reasonable prices. Find yourself a hidden gem within our clothing range, in some cases still with the original labels on. Our charity shop in Farnworth is well located and easily accessible.

We also sell a range of kitchen equipment at our PDSA Farnworth Shop so you can get yourself some bargains for your kitchen whilst helping support our charity to help injured and sick pets.

If you have young children then you will find an array of toys, books, CDs and DVDs available to purchase at PDSA Farnworth Shop. For full opening times then please contact the store on 01204 704863.

At PDSA Farnworth Shop PDSA charity shop we have on offer an inspiring range of fabulously brand new home and gift accessories. Visit us to buy beautiful gifts and help pets in need.

If you would like to donate something to our PDSA Farnworth Shop then please contact the store on 01204 704863. We are always in need of extra donations to help support the charity.

The PDSA Farnworth Shop is located on 43 Brackley Street in Farnworth. For directions or more detailed map information then please see the Google Map below.


PDSA Farnworth Shop

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