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Vet Q&A: Why is my cat hunting?

by PDSA Vets | 30 April

Hunting is a natural instinct for cats. Even after thousands of years of domestication, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, cats are natural hunters much like their wild relatives.

How to prevent pet stress post lockdown

by PDSA | 14 April

Just like us, our pets can also struggle with stress or anxiety, so this stress awareness month we’ve put together out top tips on spotting pet stress and how to prevent it.

How to prevent dog theft

by PDSA | 6 April

With all the media reports around dog theft lately, we understand that some owners might be worried about their pooch. We’re sharing some tips to help keep your four-legged friends safe.

Vet Q&A: What should I do if my dog eats chocolate this Easter

by PDSA | 31 March

It’s important to be extra careful at Easter when there might be more chocolate in the house, or garden if you’re planning an Easter egg hunt for the children. The last thing you want is for your pets to get their paws on these dangerous treats.

The most unusual PDSA Medal recipients of all time

by PDSA | 31 March

It’s been almost ten years since we awarded Dotty the donkey the PDSA Certificate for Animal Bravery. To mark the milestone date, we’re revisiting Dotty’s incredible story and looking back at some of the most unusual PDSA Medal recipients of all time.

5 dog training myths de-bunked

by Rachel | 22 March

PDSA Scientific Officer and Canine Behaviourist, Rachel, has de-bunked some myths and provided some positive reinforcement tips of training your dog.


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