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Five reasons pets are great for our mental health

by PDSA | 30 March

With a lot of bad news going around at the moment, it can be hard to see light at the end of the tunnel. However, for a lot of us, we already have our own little light at home.

What to pack on a walk with the dog

by PDSA | 16 March

Dogs love to walk (some much more than others!). If you have an active pooch who loves to get out with you, there are a few things you’ll need to pack for them to make sure it’s fun for you both!

Vet Q&A: Can pets catch Coronavirus?

by PDSA | 5 March

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) is now having a direct impact on everyone’s daily lives, following the most recent instructions from the Government. So it’s no surprise a lot of pet owners are worried for their four-legged friends. We’ve been answering some of your questions.

How to take a good photo of your pet

by PDSA | 28 February

Pets are adorable but it can be a complete nightmare trying to take a good photo of them. It’s not an impossible task, though, and there are some things that might make it easier.

Vet Q&A: Which vegetables are safe for guinea pigs?

by PDSA | 24 February

Guinea pigs need fresh greens in their diet every day to keep them happy and healthy. There are a few veggies you can try them with to find their favourite!

Vet Q&A: Why and when should I neuter my kitten?

by PDSA | 17 February

Neutering has loads of health benefits for our cats, on top of preventing any unplanned litters. We’d always advise neutering your cat.


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