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Patriotic Paws: Top tips for a pet-safe Jubilee weekend

by PDSA | 30 May

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend fast approaching, many of us can’t wait for an extended weekend full of celebrations. As we look forward to hanging up the bunting in preparation for a fun-filled street party, it’s important we don’t forget about the safety of our pets.

A day in the life of Veterinary Nurse, Nancy

by PDSA | 29 April

Whilst training at the Royal Veterinary College, Nancy completed a number of student placements at Bow PDSA Pet Hospital, which gave her a broad range of experience.

Low-cost ways to care for your pet

by PDSA | 13 April

Our pets really are our best friends; they are great companions, improve our mental health, and bring us a whole heap of joy! While the benefits of owning a furry friend seem to be endless, the reality is that caring for them over their lifetime can cost more than we may imagine.

Is it illegal to leave a dog in a hot car?

by PDSA | 3 April

As the weather warms up, PDSA is joining forces with other leading animal welfare charities to remind owners that Dogs Die in Hot Cars.

Vet Q&A: Should my kitten's teeth fall out?

by PDSA | 15 March

Bringing a new kitten home is exciting; however, it can also feel quite daunting being responsible for your four-legged friend’s health and happiness. You’ll probably have lots of questions if you’re a first-time kitten owner, so our vets have answered your queries about kitten teeth this World Oral Health Day.

Weird things cats do

by PDSA | 25 February

Have you noticed your cat doing something strange? Our cats can have us scratching our heads with some of their strange behaviour. Our vets answer 7 common questions about the odd things our feline friends do:


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