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How to take a good photo of your pet

by PDSA | 28 February

Pets are adorable but it can be a complete nightmare trying to take a good photo of them. It’s not an impossible task, though, and there are some things that might make it easier.

Vet Q&A: Which vegetables are safe for guinea pigs?

by PDSA | 24 February

Guinea pigs need fresh greens in their diet every day to keep them happy and healthy. There are a few veggies you can try them with to find their favourite!

Vet Q&A: Why and when should I neuter my kitten?

by PDSA | 17 February

Neutering has loads of health benefits for our cats, on top of preventing any unplanned litters. We’d always advise neutering your cat.

How to show your pet you love them

by PDSA | 13 February

It’s Valentine’s Day (nearly) and time to show that special someone in our lives just how much we love them – even if they have four paws rather than two feet!

Why pets are better than people

by PDSA | 10 February

Our pets are definitely part of our family, and you know what? We may be biased, but sometimes our pets are so much better than people for a lot of reasons!

How to be the perfect pet tenant

by PDSA | 3 February

There might be some changes in the near future to make it a little easier to rent if you have a pet, so we’ve pulled some tips together on being the best tenant with a pet!


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