Pets like Leo can't be left untreated

More pets than ever are relying on PDSA as a direct result of the economic hardship caused by the pandemic. At the same time, with our shops closed for 6 months, and fundraising events cancelled, we've lost vital income. We're facing a Pet Care Crisis and we need your help to fight it.

Why do we need regular support?

Today we're facing the biggest challenge in our 100-year history. Covid-19 has affected the income of millions of people. Many have suddenly found themselves without the means to pay for their cherished pet's treatment. We predict that there will be as many as 50,000 more pets eligible for our services over the months ahead.

It's a Pet Care Crisis and it's not something we can solve in a few weeks or months. We have to increase the amount we're receiving every month to stand a chance of giving every sick and injured pet the treatment they need.

An estimated 0 more pets in need

The number of owners qualifying for support because of Covid-19 are increasing rapidly

0 remote consultations per day

To reach desperate owners in need to discuss veterinary care for their pet

0 million

The huge loss of income we’re expecting due to the pandemic cancelling major fundraising events and temporarily closing our shops

“Demand is going up and up. We need you to help us fight this Pet Care Crisis.”
Hermione Hillen PDSA Vet.