For many vulnerable people, we’re their pet’s only emergency service

There’s never a good time to ask for help

2020 has been a hard year for everyone.
At the end of the line are pets in desperate need.
Pets loved by owners who struggle to pay for their urgent treatment.
We’re often their only lifeline.

You can make the difference between life and death for a vulnerable person’s beloved pet.

What we do…

  • PDSA is a charity that provides vet care for those who struggle to pay to treat their sick and injured pets.
  • We do this in our 48 Pet Hospitals right across the UK

Hard times can affect any of us and right now more people than ever are being plunged into financial hardship due to the impacts of COVID-19. We’re here to provide care for pets who need us in their hour of need.

Pets contribute so much to human life, especially the nation’s most vulnerable people. Those that need our help most often include:

The elderly


People with long- or short-term illnesses


People with disabilities


Those struggling to find work


People in serious economic, financial and social hardship


For many of these people, their pet is their only companion in life.
Without your help, their pets may have nowhere else to turn when they need vital care and treatment.

Our funding crisis

We’re on the frontline of pet care each and every day.
We receive no government funding. Yet we help over 2.7 million pet owners across the UK.
We’re here to help them, and the thousands more who will need our help as the financial impacts of the pandemic continue to take hold. This will be our greatest challenge yet, and for many of our vets and nurses the pet care crisis starts now.

How can I help?

We believe that no pet should suffer due to poverty. To help us save thousands of pets in need, please:



Leave a legacy gift

Leave a legacy gift







Whatever you choose to do, your actions might just help save the life of a pet in need.

For thousands of vulnerable people across the UK we really are their only emergency service. With more demand than ever before, the pet care crisis is just beginning.

But with your help, we can be there for the pets and owners who need us most.

They believe in you.
Please believe in us.

We help treat and save the pets of vulnerable people.

For many, we’re their only hope. Help us be there when there’s nowhere else to go.