FAQs for PDSA Clients

We understand that a lot of pet owners may be worried about their pets at this time, and in particular how they might access veterinary care in an emergency. We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions to help you.


Pet care during the pandemic

Can my pet catch Covid-19?

We have general answers on this and other coronavirus related questions here in our vet blog.

How can I care for my pet during lockdown?

We advise all pet owners to follow the latest government guidelines. We have more information on how to care for your pet during lockdown here. If you are self-isolating then we have specific advice on pet care while you are quarantined.

I usually get my pet’s flea and worming treatments from my local PDSA. Can I still get these?

We’re not able to provide flea and worming treatments through our Pet Hospitals right now. We’re encouraging people to order their supplies through our online shop instead.

Accessing PDSA vet care

My pet needs to see the vet, what should I do?

If you are worried about your pet, then registered clients can request a remote consultation using our Call back request form

In a life-threatening emergency or if it is out of usual working hours, then please call your local PDSA Pet Hospital as soon as possible.

Please don’t turn up at our Pet Hospitals unannounced, and ensure that you inform us if you or anyone you have been close to has been self-isolating or is confirmed as having COVID-19 so that we can take appropriate steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

Why can I still not go inside the Pet Hospital when other vets are allowing this now?

We currently have small vet teams at each Pet Hospital so that we can continue to deliver urgent and life-saving emergency services. To keep everyone as safe as possible our clients are not currently allowed inside our buildings, as it would be impossible to keep social distancing in place due to numbers. We would also need to thoroughly clean any shared areas after a client has been in the building, which would take our limited staff away from providing vital veterinary treatment.

As a usually very busy charity, with high demand for services, we face very different issues to those of smaller vet practices who can more easily control numbers of visitors. We realise this is a frustrating situation for many people, including our teams who want to be able to help as many pets as they can.

We are working really hard behind the scenes to develop ways to safely ease some of these restrictions in the coming months, in line with government guidelines. In the meantime, we’re asking everyone to bear with us, and to check our website for other ways to get help for your pets.

What if I can't leave the house and my pet needs to see a vet?

We’re continuing to provide as much urgent treatment as possible through phone consultations right now. To request a phone appointment, registered clients can use our call back request form.

If we advise you that your pet needs to come in to see us, but you are unable to leave the house, please just let us know. You can arrange to have someone else bring your pet into us for you.

Will my local PDSA Pet Hospital be closing?

We’re doing our best to try and minimise any impact on our services during this time, and we remain committed to providing life-saving emergency services for pets who need our help. However, despite our best efforts, we may see temporary interruptions to services at some of our hospitals. Please check this page to see if there are any changes to service at your local PDSA Pet Hospital.

What should I do if my local PDSA is closed due to Coronavirus and my pet needs urgent treatment?

We are doing everything possible to ensure we can stay open for emergencies, but it may be that we have no choice but to close some services temporarily. We will keep our clients informed of the status of each service and what they should do if there are any interruptions to this.

If we do need to stop any services at a PDSA Pet Hospital temporarily, then you can still request a phone appointment using our Call back request form here. If you think your pet needs life-saving emergency care, or it is out of hours, then please call your local PDSA on the usual number in the first instance and we can advise you on where to go.

What happens if my pet needs emergency treatment outside your normal opening hours?

We will still use the same ‘out-of-hours’ providers as usual, who are also putting in measures to keep their staff and clients safe while caring for any pet emergencies. Just call your local PDSA Pet Hospital on the usual number, and you’ll be advised whether your pet needs to be seen out-of-hours.

My pet needs emergency vet care but I can’t get through on the phone. What should I do?

In the current situation we have reduced numbers of staff at our sites, while also seeing a surge in demand for our services. We’re prioritising life-saving emergency care, and asking people to only call our Pet Hospitals in a life-threatening emergency.

If you think your pet needs emergency treatment we ask you to keep trying to get through to us on the phone. Please do not attend the Pet Hospital without contacting us first. We understand that this is a frustrating situation, but we appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

If your pet requires care but it’s not urgent, then you can request a phone consultation using our Call back request form.

I was asked to send a photo of my pet to PDSA after a remote appointment, but the email keeps failing. How can I send this?

Sorry you've been having difficulties sending this. Emails to us can sometimes be blocked if the subject line or the body of the email are empty or blank. Please give your pet's name and your surname in the subject line. In the email itself, please include your address and phone number, plus a brief description of what is attached. This will make sure the photo doesn't get blocked, and also help our vets identify your pet in our records.

Please also check that the total size of your attachments is below 25MB. If they are more than this you will need to send them as separate emails, each below 25MB, but still include the info in the subject and body of each email.

Prescriptions and medications

My pet needs prescriptions, what do I do?

We’re aware that many of our pet patients require vital repeat prescriptions  We’re continuing to provide these remotely as quickly as possible. For more information on getting repeat prescriptions for your pet, see our guidance here.

My pet has a recurring condition, can I order their usual treatment as a repeat prescription?

No, unless you’ve been advised that your pet’s medication falls within our repeat prescriptions process, they will need to have a consult before we can prescribe medication. Please request a phone consultation using our Call back request form.


When will you be starting up vaccinations again?

We're not able to provide vaccinations at the moment, as we can only have limited numbers of staff in our buildings. Our priority is to provide life-saving emergency treatment, while keeping all our staff and visitors safe.

We’re working really hard to develop safe ways to widen the range of services in the coming months, in line with government guidelines. In the meantime, you can find more information about how you can protect your pet here.  

My young pet didn’t complete their primary vaccination course. Is my pet protected? Will they need to restart the whole course?

Any puppies or kittens that didn’t complete their primary vaccination course won’t be fully protected.

There is a small window for second jabs, so depending on the timing they may be able to just carry on. However if there has been a longer delay then they may need to start again. It’s best to speak to your vet about this , as it will depend on your pet’s circumstances. You could also check if any of your local private vet practices are able to offer vaccinations at the moment. In the meantime read our blog to find out more about how to keep pets safe if they’ve had their vaccinations postponed.

My pet’s booster appointment has been postponed, will I have to pay the full amount for a starter pack once appointments start up again?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we had to prioritise emergency care during the lockdown. There is a flexible window during which boosters can be given, so we would advise contacting your local PDSA once we are able to restart vaccinations to discuss your pet’s circumstances.  You could also check if any of your local private vet practices are able to offer vaccinations at the moment.

In the meantime, read our blog for advice on how to keep your pet safe

I paid for my pet’s vaccinations in advance, will I have to pay again?

No, you won’t need to pay twice. We are aiming to honour all vaccinations and boosters that have been paid for. Once we are able to offer vaccinations again we will carry over any payments to new appointments. However, if you prefer to request a refund this will be available soon, and we’ll be providing details on how to do this shortly.

Why are you not able to do vaccinations when other vets are already doing this?

As a national charity we face very different issues to those of smaller vet practices, who can more easily control numbers and visitors. Our Pet Hospitals and waiting rooms are usually incredibly busy places. If we were to offer vaccinations again, the resulting number of visitors would make it impossible to keep social distancing and other safety measures in place.

Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of all our staff, clients and pet patients. We’re looking at ways to safely widen the services we can deliver right now, but while government restrictions remain in place, it just isn’t possible to return to the way we worked before the Coronavirus pandemic. Please bear with us, and as soon as we’re able to, we will announce any changes here on our website. You could also check if any of your local private vet practices are able to offer vaccinations at the moment.


I want to book my pet in to be neutered – what should I do?

Due to the social distancing rules still in place, we’re still only able to over limited services at our Pet Hospitals. We’re not able to provide neutering appointments (also known as spaying or castrating). We can only have limited numbers of staff in our buildings, and our priority is to treat sick and injured pets needing emergency treatment. We’re working really hard to develop safe ways to widen the range of services in the coming months, in line with government guidelines. In the meantime, you can find more information about how you can protect your pet here

What if my pet is at risk of getting pregnant?

We’d advise keeping any unneutered pets away from other animals at this time. An unexpected litter in the current circumstances would be a very difficult situation! Female kittens can get pregnant from a very young age (4 months), so we’d advise keeping them indoors and away from any male cats until they can be neutered.

Unneutered dogs can be taken out on walks (following the government guidelines on social distancing). Take extra care to ensure they don’t come into contact with other dogs though, until they can be neutered.


I’m not registered with PDSA but I think I’m eligible, how do I register?

Pet owners can check if they are eligible using our online checker here. Once you’ve completed the form you’ll be advised if you are eligible, and what services are available in your area. You can also contact our team on 0800 731 2502 to check eligibility and register for our services.

Where can I find my client reference number?

Your client reference number will be printed on the paperwork we issued to you when you first registered with PDSA. If you can’t find this, and require the reference number to order repeat prescriptions for your pet, please contact your local Pet Hospital who can help you with this.

I was registered but it’s expired. How do I renew my registration?

We’re asking all previously registered clients to use our central renewals service, rather than contact their local Pet Hospital. You can access this by calling 0800 917 2509 or emailing your proof of benefits to register@pdsa.org.uk