Stephen and Belle greeting each other after a time part.

Stephen and Belle greeting each other after a time part.

In memory of

Stephen Quinnell

1981 - 2016

Stephen Quinnell (aka James Phillips)

Stephen took his own life on 4 November 2016, aged 35. He was a troubled young man, deeply damaged by years of severe abuse as a boy which he could never shake off and which led to the mistakes he made. The burden was too great and a small event was the trigger for his suicide . But if you got behind the defensive outer shell, he was a gentle, generous, loving and caring person. He adored his dog Belle and because Stephen was mainly reliant on benefits because of his depressive illness, the PDSA in Sunderland looked after when she needed any treatment. She was generally healthy so it was not often, but he knew the PDSA was always there.
Stephen loved his dog so if anybody wants to donate to the PDSA in his memory,

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I didn't know you but glad to donate in your memory to help animals and those people who are helped so much by having them as companions but can't always afford their healthcare. RIP

Added by Cora on 19/07/2019

Finally at last we have made a huge stride towards everything being done and sorted just wanted to let you know I will talk to you again my freind miss and always remember you taff

Added by Alun madoc on 27/09/2018

Though I never knew Stephen, through the story of 'James', I was saddened to learn of his experiences, his condition and the way in which the authorities conspired to fail him at every turn. I'm glad the PDSA was there to assist him and Belle and am happy to contribute to their splendid ongoing efforts. RIP.

Added by Christopher Moss on 06/06/2017

Missing you on what would have been your 36th birthday.

Added by Patrick on 12/05/2017

I never met Stephen but I've read a little about his story. A small contribution towards helping his beloved pet Belle is my way of acknowledging his struggle.
RIP Stephen.

Added by Beryl on 01/01/2017

It was only a short time together but your friendship was real like I looked after you I will now take care of the loved one you left behind in your memory and honour will never forget taffy xxx

Added by Alun mcgorian on 24/11/2016

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