A little bit about me

Archie was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a few years ago after a trip to his local PDSA Pet Hospital to investigate a sore eye when a lump was found on his neck. He needs daily medication and regular check-ups to manage his condition but with your support we can continue to help pets like Archie live a comfortable and happy life.

My factfile

My breed: Domestic Short Hair

My gender: Male

Where I live: Birmingham

My special place: My owner’s bed!

My favourite toy: I prefer going for a walk

My illness: Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism means that there are really high concentrations of the thyroid hormones in the bloodstream, which interfere with Archie’s metabolism. This can cause weight loss regardless of whether he is eating well, a rapid or irregular heartbeat, tummy problems and hyperactivity.

With careful management and treatment, sufferers can still enjoy a healthy and happy life.

My treatment: Daily tablets and regular check-ups at the Pet Hospital