A little bit about me

Poppy was a very special arrival in the family home. Her owner’s husband decided to get Poppy when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He didn’t want his wife to be alone and knew that Poppy would make the perfect companion – and he was right. Poppy’s owner couldn’t imagine life without her. Poppy loved to play in the garden, chase birds and play with her favourite toys until a fall in the garden resulted in her needing two serious operations. Now Poppy lives with arthritis and has regular medication to support her mobility and relieve her pain.

My factfile

My breed: Golden Retriever

My gender: Female

My birth date: 16 April

Where I live: Blackpool

My special place: I love to lie on my towel on the sofa and rest my head on my owner’s lap.

My favourite toy: I always like to play in the morning around 9am and I play tug of war with one of my favourite toys: Cheesy Chimp, Dotty Donkey or Pink Piggy.

My illness: Arthritis

After Poppy fell while playing in the garden and developed a limp, she was brought to PDSA where she had two operations to repair her ruptured cruciate ligaments in her back legs. Unfortunately the injuries left her with arthritis - inflammation in her joints which mean they don't work smoothly and cause her pain.

My treatment: Regular medication and regular check ups