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Poppy the dog with a PDSA Vet

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A little about me

My factfile

My breed: Golden Retriever

My gender: Female

My birth date: 16 April

Where I live: Blackpool

My special place: I love to lie on my towel on the sofa and rest my head on my owner’s lap.

My favourite toy: I always like to play in the morning around 9am and I play tug of war with one of my favourite toys: Cheesy Chimp, Dotty Donkey or Pink Piggy.

My illness: Arthritis

After Poppy fell while playing in the garden and developed a limp, she was brought to PDSA where she had two operations to repair her ruptured cruciate ligaments in her back legs. Unfortunately the injuries left her with arthritis - inflammation in her joints which mean they don't work smoothly and cause her pain.

My treatment: Regular medication and regular check ups

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