Why choose a PDSA e-learning course?

Why choose a PDSA e-learning course?

  • Each course has been specially tailored by our leading subject matter experts.
  • No need to travel – you can access pet and client related topics from you home and workplace. 
  • You’ll be supporting PDSA's charitable service as PDSA PetAid Enterprises Ltd gifts its profits to PDSA to help our vets treat more pets.
  • It’s quick and easy to register – you can then buy a course and access our learning management system.
  • On demand – you can complete the training when it’s convenient to you – at work or at home.
  • Self-pacing – for slow or quick learners it reduces frustrations and increases learning satisfaction.
  • Reduces overall cost – you’ve no training room, travel, or overnight accommodation costs to pay for.
  • Reduces time away from the workplace – you’ll spend time on learning, not travelling to a course venue.
  • Consistent content – e-learning ensures everyone gets the same messages. Plus you can revisit the content to reinforce the learning. 
  • Automated successful Completion Certificates – emailed to you when you successfully complete the Course Quiz. 
New e-learning courses launched

New e-learning courses launched

  • What dogs need
  • What cats need
  • What rabbits need

These courses are in addition to our existing topics:

  • What pets need (updated in July 2012 from Introduction to Pet Health and Welfare) 
  • Handling bereavement and euthanasia – a guide for veterinary professionals 
  • Pet first aid and medication 
  • Safe manual handling / Handling and restraining of animals

Prices start from just £10 per module inclusive of VAT, per user. 

  • 30-day access
  • Online Quiz
  • Hosting
  • Technical support

Can't find what you want?

Can't find what you want?

Expand your knowledge with a tailored course from PDSA. It will be designed and written by our veterinary and learning and development team just for your needs. 

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