Don’t just take our word for it

‘My team have always had a passion for animal welfare and PetWise MOTs give a really practical approach to running clinics based on the pet’s welfare needs. We’ve seen a really positive impact on patient care by looking at husbandry at home as well as the clinical concerns of the patient. The consultations are a great way to discuss a pet’s needs from exercise through to preventive medicine and really strengthen the clinic-client bond through professional support and advice. We’ve had really positive feedback from our clients who are now much more aware of the routine needs of their pets and often attend for further check-ups as well as regularly purchasing preventive treatments.’

Alison, Senior Vet Surgeon

‘I have been a vet nurse for over ten years and have met thousands of clients, but since running PetWise MOTs I have seen firsthand the difference that structured time with a vet or vet nurse can make to our pets and clients. A simple traffic light system really hits home the big impact that seemingly small, actions can have on their pet’s wellbeing.’

Yvonne, Vet Nurse

‘I had visited my vet for some issues my cat was having and the vet recommended a new consultation they were offering called a PetWise MOT, which could be of help to us both. I met with Jade, who talked me through the five welfare needs and I was really shocked at all the different things I could do to make sure Max stayed not just healthy, but happy too. I knew all about the basic things that he needed, like being fed, watered and having a place to sleep and go to the toilet, but had no idea that I could limit the amount of stress he was experiencing by having an extra litter tray, hiding places and toys. I have met with Jade three times since our first appointment for follow MOTs and to check that we are moving in the right direction. Not only has Max now come off his medication, but he has lost weight too.’

Jeremy, North London