Legacy giving and Will writing

  • Legacy giving and Will writing
      • Are there any steps I can take to reduce the chances of my Will being challenged in court?

        The best way to ensure that your Will can withstand a legal challenge is to have it drawn up by a qualified professional. Many challenges are brought by people who are surprised by a Will’s contents. They may not believe that the Will represents the person’s genuine wishes if they do not understand them. Therefore, it is often a good idea to explain, perhaps in a letter signed at the same time and kept with the Will, why you have chosen the beneficiaries you have included.

      • Writing your own, even with a Will pack, can be risky because probate law, Inheritance Tax and the language used are not always straightforward. If all the required legal procedures aren't followed, you could inadvertently make your Will null and void.

      • We recommend that you instruct your executor to arrange for the contents of your home to be sold and the proceeds then donated to PDSA if that is your wish. PDSA does not operate a house-clearance service, although our stores are grateful for donations of clothes, books and bric-à-brac items. PDSA has contacts with auctioneers and jewellers who can deal with higher-value items on our behalf.

      • Writing a simple Will with a reputable Will-writer is far less expensive than most people realise. The average cost of writing a single Will is around £100, depending on where you live.

      • This is a concern for many supporters, especially those living alone. Usually your executor would inform us of your death and the administration of your estate would then begin.

        We suggest you tell friends, family or neighbours, even your doctor, who your executor is. If PDSA is to act as your executor, we suggest you place our contact details with your documents at home, where they can be easily found.

        To ensure information about your estate is clearly available for your executor, you may find it useful to complete a PDSA Estate Pack. Within this pack you can list any key contacts and provide information such as where your important documents are stored, what provisions you have made for your pets – and also record your funeral wishes and plans. To request a copy, please ring the freephone number: 0800 591248 Monday to Thursday, 9am – 8pm and Friday 9am – 5pm.