Choose your skydive

There are so many great airfields around the UK providing skydives. From novice tandem jumpers to daredevil single jumps. Choose your own location and take part for PDSA, we will support you all the way.

There are 2 different jumps to choose from:

  • Tandem jump – the easiest and most popular skydive option, you'll be securely strapped to your instructor as you jump from over 10,000 ft, reaching speeds of 120mph.
  • Static line jump – After a full day's training you'll jump by yourself from a height of around 3,000 ft. Not for the faint-hearted!


Jump for FREE

In return for raising a minimum amount of sponsorship money, PDSA will cover the cost of your jump and training and receive a donation from your efforts at the same time!

Tandem Skydive: £395

Static Line Square: £360

Accelerated Freefall: £535

From these sums we will receive an average donation of £140 and you will receive your parachute jump for FREE!


What's so wooftastic about Team PDSA?

By taking part with us, you'll become a member of Team PDSA and you'll receive:

  • A ‘pawsome’ guide to get your fundraising flying high
  • A colourful t-shirt ‘for all you cool cats’
  • Fundraising support, materials, ideas and tips from our expurrienced ‘pet loving’ team
  • The amazing feeling of skydiving for a world where no pet suffers


Get in touch

We’ll send you anything you might need, like sponsor forms, t-shirts and PDSA posters. 

Call us for free on 0800 508 8323