Safe and Legal

Why we need your help

PDSA receives no Government or lottery fundraising. We entirely rely on fundraising and donations from people like you. With your help, we can help treat the thousands of sick and injured pets we see every day at our PDSA Pet Hospitals across the UK.

If you would like further clarification or guidance on any aspect of our advice below, please call us on 0800 508 8323.

Before you start

At PDSA we’re here to help you help us with support, advice and much more. When you’re organising your own fundraising event for PDSA – e.g. a coffee morning or sponsored dog walk – it’s important to ensure a safe, legal and enjoyable event by considering the following:

  • Show our charity number: By law, our PDSA registered charity numbers must appear on all posters and advertisements. Please use this wording:

PDSA registered charity numbers 208217 & SC037585.

  • PDSA logo: Permission to use PDSA logo – e.g. on your advertising and websites – is not generally permitted.

  • Sponsorship: Ensure you are sponsored by and collect donations from people you know and trust.

  • Children: Make sure children are supervised and do not let them collect money from strangers.

  • Raffles and lotteries: Please be aware that there are legal requirements for holding these. Check the rules with your local authority or the Gambling Commission, or ring the PDSA Fundraising Team on 0800 508 8323 for advice.

  • Alcohol: If you’re having alcohol at your event, check if the venue is licensed or contact your local council to find out more about getting a temporary licence.

  • Collecting tins: Only use PDSA collecting tins when doing collections.

  • Safety first: We recommend that you perform a risk assessment for your event. Consider first-aid provision. Some larger events may require a first aider to be present.

  • Download the PDSA Guidance Notes for Events with Dogs: Please read these for any event where dogs will be present, e.g. dog shows, sponsored dog walks, bucket collections.

  • PDSA Liability Statement: Please note that while at PDSA we hugely appreciate your help with our fundraising, we cannot accept liability for any activity or event you undertake on our behalf. We would strongly recommend that you consider taking out your own insurance cover.

  • Register your activity: Call PDSA’s Fundraising Team on 0800 508 8323 or use our online contact form to let us know about your event.

Council permission and informing the police

  • For events in a public area, you’ll probably need permission from the local council.
  • If you’re having a collection, you’ll need a permit issued by your local council’s Licensing Officer.
  • We would also advise that you inform the local police.

Selling or providing food

  • Check the references and/or qualifications of suppliers – e.g. ensure caterers or food suppliers have the relevant Food Hygiene and Environmental Health certificates.
  • Ideally, only use caterers who your local council/environmental health department have on their list of registered caterers.
  • For cake sales etc., we recommend that you display a notice of ingredients, e.g. possible nut allergies.


Thank you for thinking of us. We’d be delighted to hear about your planned event; to advise you on health and safety requirements; and to offer you support and promotional materials such as posters PDSA t-shirts and sponsorship forms.