Jake was saved, but hundreds of pets are fighting for their lives right now.

Jake was just six months old when he swallowed the squeaker from his favourite toy. His worried owner, Joanne, knew how serious the situation was and took him straight to their nearest PDSA Pet Hospital. 

X-rays showed that the squeaker was in a potentially lethal position - it could cause a fatal blockage or tear in his intestines. Our vets rushed Jake into emergency surgery to try and save the young puppy's life. Thankfully, Jake has gone on to make a full recovery. 

Joanne said "I was devastated my bouncy little pup needed life-saving surgery to remove the squeaker. PDSA have been absolutely brilliant - stopping the accident from becoming a disaster." 

As a charity, we rely on your support to ensure we have the hospitals, equipment and medication poorly pets like Jake need. Your donation today will help us be there to treat and care for sick and injured pets across the UK. 

Vet comforts back and white cat during surgery



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