Light up the lives of pets in need this Christmas

PDSA is a vital lifeline for pets and owners, saving thousands of lives every year and keeping families together. We need your help to take care of precious pets in need of urgent treatment – could you send a very special gift to help save a pet’s life this Christmas?

As a charity, we rely on the kindness and generosity of animal lovers all over the country and we need you now more than ever. Your support could mean the difference between life and death for pets like Candy, who developed a life-threatening illness which needed emergency treatment. Her elderly owner was beside himself – you can watch their story below:

It was touch and go, but thankfully we were there for Candy and her owner when they needed us. Candy is just one of the thousands of pets we treat every year and we urgently need your help to make sure we’re prepared with the life-saving supplies we need to treat every pet that needs us this Christmas.

Even the smallest gift can make the biggest difference, keeping best friends together and helping make Christmas the happy and special time it should be.


Help more stars shine brightly this Christmas


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Could buy antibiotics


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Pays for medication to treat a pet with a poorly heart for a month


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Pays for a life-saving drip

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Choose your own amount and help save a life

Candy's Christmas story

Candy, an adorable Westie, was devoted to her owner Arthur. The two of them were truly inseparable, often seen together on Arthur’s mobility scooter as he took Candy for walks in their local park. Candy meant the world to Arthur since losing his son to cancer. She became the centre of Arthur’s world: his shining star and best friend.

Sadly, Candy developed diabetes, a life-threatening illness that requires daily insulin injections. This disease makes pets vulnerable to illness and had unfortunately already robbed Candy of most of her sight. When Candy’s eye became ulcerated and extremely painful, Arthur was beside himself.

Afraid for his beloved pet, Arthur rushed Candy to his local PDSA Pet Hospital where she was taken in for urgent surgery. The PDSA team did everything they could but it was touch and go. After a two hour operation, our vets managed to save Candy’s eye and ensure she was pain free.

Arthur calls PDSA the ‘angels’ who saved the life of his closest friend. “Without PDSA I would have lost her.”

Without supporters like you, PDSA wouldn’t be able to provide the expert care pets like Candy need. Without the ongoing treatment for her diabetes Candy could have died, leaving Arthur devastated and facing Christmas on his own. Help us by giving a gift this Christmas.

"Without PDSA, I would've lost Candy."