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As soon as the doors of Manchester's new PDSA Pet Wellbeing Centre open, our emergency room needs to be ready to spring into action.

We’re asking animal lovers and supporters to help us stock our Pet A&E with vital emergency equipment and medication. Our hospitals use thousands of pieces of equipment every day, big and small – so whether you fund bandages or a night of intensive care, know that you’re helping to keep our doors open for another day. 



Accidents will always happen, so we'll need plenty of bandages in our new hospital to protect poorly pets as they heal.

Pain relief


There's nothing more heart breaking than seeing your pet in pain. Pay for pain relief and you'll help ease the suffering of injured pets as our team nurses them back to health.



Our Manchester team works miracles in our operating theatres, performing everything from routine procedures to complex lifesaving surgery. Anaesthetic will help these operations happen at our new hospital.

Vets treat Boxer dog with bandaged paw

Emergency blood tests


Our vets know their stuff, but there’s only so much they can tell about a sick or injured pet from the outside. £30 could pay for the blood tests that help our expert team diagnose critically ill pet patients, and start to put right what’s gone wrong.

Vet comforts back and white cat during surgery

Intensive care


Recovery is just as important as treatment, but intensive care can be costly. Our out-of-hours vet nurses will monitor a pet overnight, ensuring that they're kept warm, comfortable and in stable condition. £45 could help pay for a night time stay, to help get pets back home with their families.

 Should our appeal not reach its full fundraising target, we would look to make up the shortfall by continuing to raise funds for this appeal in other ways, and your donation will still go to the new centre in Manchester.

If we raise more money than is needed for the build of the new Manchester PDSA Pet Wellbeing Centre, we will spend any surplus funds wherever the need is greatest.



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