Entei is a Pet Fit Club runner-up after losing 12% of his bodyweight!

Entei from Dundee once tipped the scales at a colossal 1st 2Ib (7.2kg), making him 44% over his ideal weight (11Ib/5kg). But thanks to Pet Fit Club 2016 he is now a much healthier 1st (6.35kg).

Six-year-old Entei was severely overweight when his owner Andy Edwards (48) adopted him. When Andy first brought Entei home he weighed a colossal 1st 5lb (8.5kg) after being spoilt by his previous owner. Entei had been living with several other cats and, because he’s deaf and a bit vulnerable, he used to wolf his food down before the others could get their paws on it which led to his weight gain.

Andy said: “When I first got him, the vets were very concerned that he was too fat to survive an operation if he needed one. But now he’s lost some weight, he’s healthier and a lot stronger. We still have a little way to go to his ideal weight but we’re edging closer. He’s so much livelier which is fantastic to see!

“We don’t let him outside because he is deaf so exercising is a struggle. We’ve been putting small amounts of food in different places around the house to encourage him to move around.

“We’ve tried multiple diet foods in the past but Pet Fit Club has made all the difference. We will definitely continue on the diet to help lose some final pounds.”

Entei the cat with PDSA Vet

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