Kaspa came second place in Pet Fit Club after losing 29% of his bodyweight!

Back in April, Kaspa’s owner Maria Daley (50) was at her wits end with her ravenous retriever, who would eat anything from breadcrumbs to cardboard and socks. He was a frequent bin-raider and always ready for a treat. Sometimes Maria would get through an entire packet of treats a day! His hip dysplasia also made exercise difficult and caused him to pile on the pounds.

She said: “Six months ago, Kaspa could only manage a ten-minute walk before he was completely exhausted. He was tired all the time and we had to do something to help him, so we signed him up for Pet Fit Club and haven’t looked back.

“Kaspa is the most food obsessed dog I’ve ever had. He used to raid the bin at any opportunity and, when we started the diet, he pulled it right over and ran out of the back door with food he’d found – he wasn’t giving it up for anyone! We had to buy a more secure bin.

“We’ve also had to start keeping him away from our granddaughter when she’s eating because he was catching stray food from her highchair. We’ve had to be quite proactive and make a lot of adjustments to stop him from getting extra food, but it’s all been worth it.

Kaspa the dog

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