Mikey is our Pet Fit Club ‘top cat’ after losing 17% of his bodyweight!

At his heaviest, food obsessed Mikey, from Croydon, tipped the scales at a huge 1st 5lb (8.45kg), meaning he was nearly 70% over his ideal body weight. He was named ‘top cat’ after losing 3lb (1.4kg) during Pet Fit Club 2016.

Back in April, Mikey’s monstrous appetite meant he was always desperate to get his paws on some food – even waking his owner Stephanie Briggs with a bite to the arm if his breakfast wasn’t served on time.

Actress Stephanie (33), whose father Johnny played Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street for more than 30 years, said she was proud of Mikey’s achievement in Pet Fit Club:

“Mikey loved food and he’s made more of a nuisance of himself in the last six months than he has in the whole nine years before.

“I can’t say he’s enjoyed being put on a diet but is certainly happier now than when he began. He has far more energy and skips about like he did when he was a kitten. We have spent much more time playing together to exercise him and I learned that he likes to play fetch with a bouncy ball - just like a dog. I think he has enjoyed the time we have spent together and our bond has strengthened as a result.”

Stephanie said there was a few comical slip-ups during Mikey’s diet, including an occasion when he stole a croissant and another incident involving a loaf of bread. But she knows it is vital to control his greed as he enters his senior years.

She said: “He’s nine-years-old now and I was worried we would struggle with weight related issues as he grows older. I worried he would be back and forth at the vets needing expensive treatment. My hope is that he can enjoy his ‘autumn years’ and not struggle with ill health. I hope he can be a healthy and happy boy for as long as possible.”

Mikey the cat

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