Oscar is our Pet Fit Club winner after losing 39% of his bodyweight!

Oscar the Spaniel from Wolverhampton is this year’s Pet Fit Club Champ! He once tipped the scales at a colossal 3st 6Ib (21.6kg), making him 80% over his ideal weight (1st 13lb/12kg). He wowed judges with his amazing 1st 5lb (8.35kg) weight loss and now weighs a healthier 2st 1lb (13.25kg)

Ten-year-old Oscar’s weight gain was caused by his owner feeding him Sunday dinners and leftovers from her plates. Lack of exercise compounded the problem until he became so unfit that just walking in the garden left him breathless.

His owner’s daughter, Karen Allen (56), said: “Before Pet Fit Club Oscar didn’t get much exercise. My mother is disabled so struggled to walk him. As he piled on the pounds he wanted to exercise even less and it became a vicious cycle. He couldn’t jump on the bed or sofa he was that big.

“He is a completely different dog now – like a puppy again. People don’t recognise him because he’s changed so much, in looks and personality. We walk for miles and he runs around the house with his toys, nudging you until you play fetch with him.

“He wasn’t impressed with the diet at first – he missed his scraps and treats. But we stuck with it and we’re so glad we did. He still tries his luck and begs for food when you’re eating but we don’t give in to him anymore.

“We started taking him to hydrotherapy at the beginning of the competition to help increase his exercise. At the first session he could barely do 15 seconds in the water without stopping for a break. Over the weeks we’ve seen him improve and now he cannot wait to get in the pool when we arrive. He can swim around ten minutes at a time and loves being in the water.”

“Taking part in Pet Fit Club is the best thing we could have done for him. We can see now how unhealthy and unhappy he was. Hopefully we’ll have many more years with him and have PDSA to thank for all their help.”

Oscar the dog

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