Pebbles is a Pet Fit Club runner-up after losing 11% of his bodyweight!

Pebbles once tipped the scales at a colossal 10Ib (4.5kg), making him more than 50% over his ideal weight (7Ib/3kg). He is now a much healthier 7lb (3.2kg)

Pebbles’ owner Christine Howard (39) thought she was setting him up for a perfect life, giving him full run of the garden and taking advice from a pet shop on which food to feed him. But she didn’t realise that the muesli-style food she was feeding him was bad for his waistline and teeth. His dislike of cold, wet weather also meant he didn’t venture out much last winter and piled on the pounds.

She said: “We knew we had a problem when Pebbles started to struggle grooming himself, he developed a ‘sticky bottom which can be really serious and cause fly strike. We signed him up for Pet Fit Club and haven’t regretted it.

“He loves his new diet and doesn’t seem to miss the old muesli-style food at all. His favourite vegetables are probably spinach and broccoli. We need to keep a close eye on him though – we have a pear tree in the garden and if we’re not careful he gobbles up any fallen fruit.

“The change in him has been incredible. Before Pet Fit Club he would only come out of his hutch if it was sunny and even then he was never very enthusiastic. Now it’s a struggle to catch him and get him back inside! He’s lightning fast.

“I’m so glad we’ve taken part in Pet Fit Club. The support we’ve received from PDSA has been great. We’ve really enjoyed it and I’m thrilled with how much healthier Pebbles is now.”

Pebbles the rabbit

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