Tia is a Pet Fit Club runner-up after losing 10% of her bodyweight!

Tia the Bullmastiff from Southampton once tipped the scales at a colossal 6st 9lb (42kg). Being fed fatty food saw her weight spiral out of control until she was dangerously at risk from serious health problems and a shortened life span.

But the seven-year-old pooch lost an amazing 9lb (4kg) during Pet Fit Club 2016 and now a much healthier 6st (38kg).

Tia had a difficult start in life having been mistreated by her previous owners. So when her new loving owners Michael (64) and Tina (57) took her in, they admit to spoiling her because they felt sorry for her, and wanted her to enjoy a nicer quality of life. Tia also has a cruciate ligament injury and arthritis which makes exercise difficult.

Michael said the difference in Tia since signing up for Pet Fit Club has been ’amazing’ but admitted the weight loss challenge wasn’t easy.

He said: “It’s helped both of us and enabled us all to get additional exercise. Unfortunately, Tia was a bit poorly during the competition which didn’t help her weight loss but overall it’s been great.

“On one occasion she got hold of some food she wasn’t supposed to have. We were having a cream cake and coffee and turned our back for just a moment and it was gone. It was right at the start of the diet when I cut down her food and stopped treats so she obviously decided to help herself to ours!

“The weight loss means she’s better on her feet now and can walk longer. Before she used to hold her leg up when out walking because she was in pain, but she can put it down properly now. She also runs around the garden at 100mph like a young puppy, it’s lovely to see.”

Michael added that, although Tia still has a way to go to reach her ideal weight of 5st 7lb (35kg), they were determined to continue with the diet.

Tia the dog with PDSA Vet

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