Tyty came second place in Pet Fit Club after losing 29% of his bodyweight!

Though a famously tiny breed, seven-year-old Tyty the Chihuahua once tipped the scales at nearly a stone (12Ib/5.5kg) - making him 83% over his ideal weight (7Ib/3kg). He has now won second place in Pet Fit Club and is a much healthier 8lb (3.9kg).

Back in April Tyty’s owner, Julie Brennan (35), admitted to feeding him unhealthy treats like hotdogs. But his weight-gain was mainly a result of Tyty eating her other seven dog’s food. Despite Julie’s best efforts to stop him, Tyty was a big-time bully when it came to meal-time. He has even been known to take food from his doggy pals’ mouths while they’re eating.

She said: “Before starting Pet Fit Club, Tyty could barely walk for a few minutes without becoming breathless and he would point-blank refuse to go walking outside. People used to mistake him for a Pug, not a Chihuahua! We signed him up for the competition with PDSA and haven’t looked back.

“The change in him has been incredible. Six months ago he used to stay at home while I took my other dogs for long walks to our local beach. We couldn’t get him to come with us. But now he leaps into the car with the others! He can keep up with them all now and has so much more energy. His weight loss means he can join in with the whole family again.

“And it’s been more than just physical weight loss – his whole personality has changed. He used to be really grumpy and would hate it when people stroked him or gave him any attention. He’s so much more affectionate now and he loves cuddles from family and friends. We recently took him to the groomers and they told me he was the best Chihuahua they’d ever had in - that would have never happened before we started Pet Fit Club!

“To me, Tyty is a winner – he is completely transformed and I’m over the moon to know he’s happy and healthy.”

Tyty the dog with PDSA Vet

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