Ginger-and-white cat Pumpkin once weighed in at a whopping 1st 8lbs (10.2kg), making him 46% over his ideal weight (1st 1lb/7kg).

He has been named ‘top cat’ in after shedding 14% of his bodyweight, making him a much healthier 1st 5lb (8.74kg).

Pumpkin’s owners, Denise Mullen (53), and daughter Chelsea (21), from Bridge of Dee, took him on as a kitten seven years ago. Since then, he slowly piled on the pounds through overeating and lack of exercise. His daily exercise used to consist of walking to his food bowl. He was very reluctant to go outside and would rarely move from the comfort of the sofa.

Denise said: “We’ve all really enjoyed taking part in Pet Fit Club, and seeing the weight gradually fall off has been so satisfying to see!

“We have two cats and at the start of the diet it was really difficult to have them both on different types of pet food. Our other cat, Munchkin, seemed to be keen on the diet food and Pumpkin kept trying to eat his sister’s food once he had finished his own!

“But it got much easier and we’ve noticed a big difference in Pumpkin’s personality. He’s much more active, can jump up with ease and is keen to play! His weight loss has also helped with his heavy breathing, it’s no longer quite so loud so we’re pleased the weight loss is improving his health.”

But Pumpkin’s diet hasn’t been without its slip-ups: “We went away and I think Pumpkin got into the holiday mentality too! He was definitely weightier by the time we’d returned home.

“The visits to the PDSA for his weigh-ins were great, and the staff were really encouraging. On his second last weigh in, he jumped off the table and tried to run off, which we all thought was a good sign that he was getting more agile!

“While we’ve still got work to do, Pumpkin is a winner to us. We will continue with the diet until he gets to his ideal weight and won’t ever go back to just pouring his food out of a box. It gets measured every morning now to keep him on track and once it’s gone it’s gone!”

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