Missi the American Bulldog

Name: Missi

Age: 8

Breed: American Bulldog

Weight: 43.8kg

End weight: 33.5kg

Percentage overweight: 24%

Inch loss: 6in waist, 1in chest

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Before Pet Fit Club

Weighing in at a whopping 43.8kg (6 stone 13lb), Missi has scoffed and dozed her way to become 75% overweight. The American Bulldog needs to lose a colossal 18.8kg (3 stone) to reach her ideal weight of 25kg (3stone 13lb).

Owner Gemma Pittaway, from Walsall, says but her love of ice cream and human food has meant the pounds have piled on over the years.

Gemma said: “She gets very excited when she hears the ice cream van coming – it’s her favourite. She always gets given a free Mr. Whippy when we get there!

“Missi is always on the look-out for food and will eat anything, which is difficult when my youngest girl feeds her leftovers. She constantly begs for our leftovers when we’re eating dinner.

“Her arthritis makes increasing her exercise difficult as even just a five minute walk can affect her joints the next day. And her weight means she finds it hard to breathe and I’m worried about her longer term health. We urgently need to get her weight down and I’m excited to see the transformation over the coming months.”


After Pet Fit Club

Missi came in second place after shedding 6 inches off her waist and a quarter (24%) of her bodyweight in six months. She is now a healthier 33.50kg (5st 4lb).

Gemma said: “Missi is a completely different dog now. She’s like a puppy again and has so much energy. She has a new-found love for her toys and will spend hours playing with them, it’s amazing to see.

“We’ve changed our routine and we go on long daily walks without fail, which she absolutely loves. She no longer waddles along, it’s a gallop!”

“One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in her is her ability to climb the stairs. She couldn’t do this before and meant we had to wash her in the paddling pool outside. But now climbing the stairs is easy for her, and she loves a bath in the tub!

“She used to constantly bite her paws due to the pain her excess weight caused, but

she’s stopped doing this since losing weight. She also suffered from joint problems and I know that the weight-loss has helped reduce the pain and inflammation. To know she’s healthier now is the best thing of all.”

Pet Fit Club hasn’t only impacted Missi’s life, but has changed Gemma’s outlook too. She’s cut out junk food and increased her exercise and has lost a stone over the last six months!

“We’ve been on a weight-loss journey together and I’m excited that this is only just the start for us”, adds Gemma.

Gemma added: “I can’t recommend Pet Fit Club enough. They have been there every step of the way and I’m so pleased that Missi can now lead a more healthy, happy and active life now.”

“My friends and neighbours can’t believe how much weight she’s lost. Pet Fit Club is the best thing we could have done for her and we’re going to carry on with the diet until she reaches her perfect weight.”

Despite her impressive weight loss, Missi still has more weight to lose to reach her ideal weight 25kg (3st 13lb).

Missi’s six-month Pet Fit Club diet and exercise programme was specially tailored and overseen by the vets and nurses at Wolverhampton PDSA Pet Hospital.

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