About Pet Fit Club

PDSA Pet Fit Club has been helping podgy pets lose weight for 13 years!

Over the last 13 years we've seen it all - from some of the UK's fattest pets, to unrecognisable transformations and the weird and wonderful foods our pets are ‘treated’ too.

Take a look below at some of Pet Fit Club’s fattest pets, biggest losers and the tricks our pets use to get treats...

10 biggest losers

We've helped 124 pets slim down in the last 12 years. But which can be crowned the 'biggest losers'?


10 fattest pets

We've seen some porky pooches and massive moggies. Here are the ten fattest pets to take part in Pet Fit Club.

10 weirdest foods

The nation's podgiest pets have some rather odd eating habits!
10 weirdest foods

Sneaky tricks to get treats

Don't fall for the puppy dog eyes! 6 tricks our pets use to get treats.
6 tricks our pets use


PDSA Pet Fit Club couldn’t happen without the support of our generous sponsors.
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