Biggest Pet Fit Club participants

As the annual pet slimming competition Pet Fit Club enters its 13th year, we look back at some of the podgiest pets who have been helped towards a healthy weight.

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Humongous Hooch the rotund Rottie weighed more than a super-middle-weight boxer when he started dieting! When he started Pet Fit Club Hooch weighed 69.7kg and had already lost several stone after being rescued by his owner Leslie – at one point he tipped the scales at 82kg! He lost an amazing 12.5kg.

Boycus the cat


Rescue cat Boycus was one of several cats in the household; all the others are a healthy weight but Boycus ballooned to twice the size after helping himself to extra portions. At over 9kg he was more than double his ideal weight.

Duke the dog


Duke is your typical Labrador – a big softy who loves everyone, but most of all he loves food! At more than double his ideal weight, Duke was morbidly obese before Pet Fit Club. By the end of the competition he weighed a healthier 55kg and was on his way to hitting his target weight.

Merlin the dog


When biscuit-loving Merlin joined Pet Fit Club in 2012, he weighed a whopping 42.2kg, making him 111% above his ideal weight. This obese Border Collie lost 20cm off his waistline, making him a much healthier and happier dog!

Fifi the cat


Fifi was rescued as a starving kitten by her first owner and her greedy nature was thought to be related to this early experience. She persuaded neighbours to feed her extra meals, and was even known to have stolen bird food from the garden. Her weight ballooned until she was morbidly obese, but after dieting she was much more active and playful. However, all the attention may have gone to her head, as her owner reported that the already sassy cat ended up with even more ‘c-attitude!’

Jack the dog


This morbidly obese Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was so huge, his new owners nicknamed him ‘Jumbo Jack’ after they adopted the already podgy pooch in January 2012. When he arrived at his new home he could hardly walk and was immediately put on a diet. During Pet Fit Club he lost 6.35kg and became more like Jumping Jack Flash!

Mini Moo the cat


Mini-moo used to eat anything she could get her paws on, including cheese, butter and even Wotsits! She ballooned to nearly double her healthy weight, but joined Pet Fit Club in a bid to be more ‘mini’ in-line with her name. Starting at 9.7kg she lost 1.55kg during the competition and 13cm off her waistline. Mini Moo became much more active, more feisty and took to the the garden for play time.

Tia the dog


Larger-than-life Tia used to love playing in the local reservoir, but the lazy Lab lost her way and opted to snooze rather than swim.. When she joined Pet Fit Club in 2013, she weighed almost double what she should. Tia slimmed down by 4.2kg during the competition, losing 10cm from her waistline.

Billie the cat


Black-and-white tom cat Billie always had a bigger appetite than his other feline housemate, but years of helping himself to double portions meant he ballooned to nearly twice his ideal weight. Billie lost 2kg during Pet Fit Club 2012, resulting in a slimmer, happier and healthier cat.

Casper the cat


This mega moggy was rescued as a kitten in a very sorry state – infested with fleas and very underweight. Following his rescue he developed a massive appetite and would steal food at any opportunity. He ballooned to 8.6kg (91% over his ideal weight), but during the competition in 2012 he managed to shed the pounds meaning he was much more active and loved playing with his feline friend once more.

Zorro the cat


Zorro the cat had piled on the pounds, much like his animated counterpart Puss-in-Boots in the Shrek movies. He used to spend his days lazing around sneaking his favourite cheese and onion crisps. But his owner noticed he was so fat he was struggling to clean himself properly, so she decided it was time to put this ginger puss into Boot Camp! Despite his continued begging for food, Zorro swash buckled his way to losing a fifth of his bodyweight, and was the cat winner of Pet Fit Club in 2014!

Cookie the cat


Mega moggy Cookie had always been on the greedy side, gobbling up tuna and even stealing a neighbour’s chicken that had been left out on the windowsill to cool. But the years of over-eating finally caught up with this not-so-little old lady. When she joined Pet Fit Club she was 86% over her ideal weight, but a few months later she’d lost over 1kg.

Maverick the cat


This Blue Longhair was adopted as a stray and was always something of a mighty moggy. But his constant cries for food and begging meant he steadily gained weight, until vets said he was the biggest cat they had ever seen. Concern for his health prompted his owners to put him on a strict diet, and after losing weight he was much more active and healthy.