6 sneaky tricks pets use to get treats

Pet owners beware! From puppy dog eyes to charming elderly neighbours, our fluffy friends know exactly how to get their paws on their favourite naughty snack.

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Everybody needs good neighbours

So you’ve put the cat on a diet, and she goes outside often enough so she must be getting plenty of exercise. The weight will just fall off, right? Not always the case with cunning cats!

Fifi Bottomley’s owner was mystified when her cat kept putting on weight, until she found out she’d been ‘dining out’ every night as well as eating at home! Fifi had charmed an elderly neighbour into giving her food, meaning she’d ballooned to 107% over her ideal bodyweight. Fortunately for Fifi, her owner entered her into Pet Fit Club and she managed to lose 22% of her body weight, making her a much happier moggy!

I thought those buns had been left out for me...

Beware if you leave any food out to cool after baking – it might not always be there when you get back if there’s a pet in the house!

Deco the Labrador once stole and ate 36 buns that his owner’s grandchildren had just baked. Oddly enough he managed to leave all the paper cases lined up on the floor.

When miaowing doesn’t work...

When cats want to be fed, they know that normally a few pointed miaows will do the trick, but when those go ignored what happens next? Scratching furniture, knocking things off tables, climbing up the curtains.

And it’s not just cats that use attention seeking tricks to make dinner time come more quickly. Joey the rabbit clangs his bowl against his hutch when he wants to be fed to grab the attention of his owner!

Puppy dog eyes

You know you shouldn’t give the dog a treat... but those eyes are hard to resist! Pet Fit Club winner Ruby the Jack Russell knew exactly how to get every member of the family to feed her. Eventually her owners decided enough was enough and enrolled her in Pet Fit Club, where she lost a third of her bodyweight. Afterwards she was like a puppy again.

Raiding the bin!

When all else fails, Cafe du Bin will always provide a tasty snack or two. Jack Russell Ruby was a pro at this, once stealing a curry from the bin. But it landed her at the vets with a poorly tummy!

Snooze you lose

If you have more than one pet, you’ll know how difficult it is to keep one pet from eating the other’s food. Ulric the Norwegian Forest cat joined Pet Fit Club in 2012 after continually stealing his sister’s food! His owner resorted to feeding his sister Ulla on the kitchen worktop, as he couldn't jump up there so it was the only place she could eat in peace.