Tipping the scales at 1st 4lb (8.1kg), 10-year-old Barnaby is around 65% overweight. In fact he’s so large he broke his cat carrier and his owners, Deborah Bull and Dave Cardus, are now forced to take him on a cat harness whenever he needs to visit the vet.

Deborah admits they have spoiled their ‘fur baby’ rotten ever since adopting him from a rehoming centre in 2011.

Every morning this ginger cat wakes to find a bounty of food and goodies in his bowl, including cat food, biscuits, a fresh bowl of creamy milk and leftovers.

“When we rescued Barnaby he hadn’t long been involved in a road traffic accident and he’d suffered some bad injuries,” said Deborah (54). “He still suffers now with his mobility and he’s not able to jump up like other cats.

“He settled in right away and he’s such a lovely boy that we treated him with everything from cat goody bags to fresh fish, chicken, ham and beef. Spoiling him has just been a way of showing our love, but we know that we’ve taken it too far.”

The pampered puss spends most of his time in the family home, rarely venturing outside for exercise. This is partly due to his fear of birds, particularly the neighbourhood pigeons!

But things are all set to change now he’s been enrolled on Pet Fit Club.
Deborah said: “The vets at PDSA told us he was too heavy and that he needed to lose a significant amount of weight.

“We want to get him down to a healthy weight as we know it’s especially important as he enters his senior years. We’re determined to change and not give into the temptation to spoil him.

As part of Pet Fit Club Barnaby will embark on a strict six-month diet and exercise programme, specially tailored by the vets and nurses at Derby PDSA Pet Hospital at City Gate, London Road.

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