Weighing in at 2st 4lbs (14.95kg), Marshall has eaten and snoozed his way to become 66% overweight, and would need to lose 1st (6kg) to get to his ideal weight

Marshall’s owner, Richard Molyneux, (34), says Marshall would eat anything and everything including the fat from steaks, along with chicken nuggets and leftovers from dinner.

Richard has tried to help Marshall in the past, but he admits that they both need to shake off some bad habits.

“He has no set meal times and eats whatever he wants. He’s forever stealing food from the kids who happily feed him leftover scraps from the table,” said Richard.

Marshall is known for his appetite and a few months ago he had to be rushed into Blackpool PDSA Pet Hospital after his ear was bitten when he got into a fight with another dog over some food!

Richard added: “Marshall’s a much-loved part of our family and we want to have him around for a long time, but with his weight this high we're afraid he won’t be. We need to get him fit and healthy. At the moment he doesn’t do much exercise so we’re looking forward to being able to take Marshall for walks and for him to actually want to go!”

“I’m really excited to be part of Pet Fit Club and I’m hoping it will help Marshall to have a better quality of life and he can live to a ripe old age. I can’t wait to start and see his transformation!”

Marshall’s six-month Pet Fit Club diet and exercise programme will be specially tailored and overseen by the vets and nurses at Blackpool PDSA Pet Hospital.

Terry Ogdin, PDSA Vet who will be helping to oversee Marshall’s diet, said: “Pet obesity is a growing issue that affects millions of UK pets. Carrying excess weight can have serious health risks and increase the chances of pets suffering from life-limiting and life-threatening including arthritis, diabetes and heart diseases. For Marshall, his excess weight is even more concerning because he is a flat-faced breed and being overweight can worsen the breathing difficulties they face. This makes helping Marshall lose weight all the more important.”

“With the help of PDSA Pet Fit Club, Richard is making the necessary lifestyle changes to help get Marshall down to a healthier weight. We will support him every step of the way over the next six months to ensure they succeed.

“If owners are unsure what to feed their pets, how much to feed or exercise, or are simply concerned about their weight, they should always seek advice from their vet.”

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