Weighing in as the heaviest cat in this year’s line-up of fat fighters, Milo ate and slept his way to a colossal 1st 12lb (11.8kg) – making him around 97% overweight.

Milo’s owner, Lou Eldridge, says her roly-poly cat has been big ever since he was a kitten, and his love of food and reluctance for exercise has led him to him piling on the pounds.

“Milo is really laid back. He loves attention including being brushed, cuddles and is just generally a big teddy bear,” said Lou.

“He doesn’t have a particular favourite food, except for his dry cat food, and as soon as the bowl is filled he’s usually the first there!

“The only exercise Milo does is out in our back garden, playing with his brother Todd. They’re quite amusing to watch as Milo just lays on him.

“Even though he has access to the outdoors most days, he never goes any further than the garden. He has occasionally been known to jump onto our fence, which considering his size, is a sight to behold!”

But despite his cuddly persona, Lou worries about Milo’s future because of his excess weight.

She said: “He’s a much-loved part of our family and we'd like him around a long time, but with his weight this high we're afraid he won’t be.

“All that any pet owner would like to achieve is for their pet to be healthy and anything that can be done through Pet Fit Club to enhance Milo’s health and wellbeing would be wonderful.”

As part of Pet Fit Club, Milo will embark on a strict six-month diet and exercise programme, specially tailored by the vets and nurses at Margate PDSA Pet Clinic in Cliftonville.

Chris Russell, PDSA Head Nurse who will be helping to oversee Milo’s diet, said:

“Pet obesity is a growing issue that affects millions of UK pets. Carrying excess weight can have serious health risks and increase the chances of pets suffering from life-limiting and life-threatening including arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

“With the help of PDSA Pet Fit Club, Lou is making the necessary lifestyle changes to help get Milo down to a healthier weight. We will support him every step of the way over the next six months to ensure they succeed.”

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