Weighing in at a whopping 1st 8lbs (10.2kg), Pumpkin has eaten and snoozed his way to become 46% overweight. He needs to lose 7lb (3.2kg) to reach his ideal weight.

The flabby feline gets fed three times a day and does virtually no exercise as he hates going outside.

His owner, Chelsea Mullen (21), from Bridge of Dee, Aberdeen, said: “He's a very happy, friendly and loving cat but has turned into a couch potato. His daily exercise now consists of moving from the bed or sofa to the food bowl and back again. He's very reluctant to go outside because that involves getting off the sofa and he doesn’t even move if he sees a fly!

“Pumpkin tends to eat dry food and he does like cat treats. He also loves indulging in leftover ice cream and crisps. He always tries anything to get food and claws at you until you give in!”

Chelsea has owned Pumpkin, and his sister Munchkin, who isn’t overweight, since they were kittens.

She said: “They both seem to eat the same amount but the difference is that Pumpkin simply doesn’t do any exercise. He just lies there.

“Several years ago Pumpkin got stuck in the cat flap. It was so stressful because he was completely wedged in, couldn’t go forwards or backwards. He’s avoided it ever since.

“We would like Pumpkin to lose weight so he can start having fun and learn how to play with both his toys and his sister Munchkin again, but most of all we want him to lose the weight in order to keep him healthy.”

As part of the competition, Pumpkin will embark on a strict six-month diet and exercise programme, specially tailored by the vets and nurses at Aberdeen PDSA Pet Hospital.

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