Meet Becca

Becca was a Vet Nurse at Huyton PDSA Pet Hospital, although she's since moved into our Community & Education Team. She's passionate about pet health and when she's not busy helping Huyton's pet patients she volunteers at other animal welfare organisations.

  • Where did you study? Harper Adams University

  • How long have you worked for PDSA? 5 years

  • What do you most enjoy about your job? Knowing that I've helped animals and their owners

  • Do you have any pets? I have three cats, two rats, one hamster and a tortoise

  • Whats the strangest case you've ever seen? I saw a dog brought in for smoke inhalation after starting a house fire by chewing the radiator off the wall! He went home wagging his tail, thankfully

  • Tell us the most incredible survival story that you helped to treat: A Staffie that was brought in after being hit by a car. He needed multiple operations and was very poorly. He was unable to make his own red blood cells so an employee brought in their Labrador (Daisy) to be a blood donor. It was very touch and go at times, but was able to go home after some intensive nursing care. I used to look after Daisy while my friend went on holiday so it was an extra special case for me

  • Do you have any hobbies? I like to travel and I speak a little Spanish after a trip to South America.

Since filming, Becca has moved to our Community Vet Nurse team.

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