Meet Helen

Helen is a vet at PDSA's Huyton Pet Hospital. It's her role to treat sick and injured pets in consults and operations. She once operated to remove a spoon from a dog's stomach, and loves to sing in her spare time.

  • Where did you study? The University of Bristol.

  • How long have you worked for? Five years.

  • what do you most enjoy about your job? Meeting the clients and their pets, and being able to help them.

  • Do you have any pets? Yes, I have a cat called Mini Cat.

  • What's your favourite pet? I would say I'm a dog person, but don't tell my cat that!

  • What's the strangest case you've ever seen? I once saw a dog who was being fed by her owner with a spoon. She ate the food and the spoon, and I had to operate to remove it!

  • Tell us about an incredible survival story you've ever helped to treat: I once treated a cat with horrific injuries after being hit by a car. He was hospitalised with us for a long time and became a real favourite with the team. The whole team pulled together to treat him and he eventually made an incredible recovery.

  • Tell us something funny about yourself: When I was younger I went to boarding school for a short time. I didn't like it so ran away one evening with a friend to the nearest town. It was so boring there that we got a taxi back to school. Needless to say we got into a lot of trouble!

  • Do you have any hobbies? I sing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir which I love doing. That as well as work and being a mummy keeps me very busy.

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