Meet Lisa

Lisa is our Head Nurse at Kirkdale PDSA Pet Hospital, it's her job to manage the busy vet nursing team. When she isn't helping to save pets' lives, she can usually be found looking after her menagerie of animals at home!

  • Where did you study? Mabel Fletcher College in Liverpool.

  • How long have you worked for PDSA? 27 years.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job? I love seeing animals come in that are really ill and we manage to get them better and send them home. There’s no better feeling.

  • Do you have any pets? Horses, dogs, chickens and parrots! I love them all!

  • What’s the strangest case you’ve ever seen at PDSA? I can’t pin it down to one particular case, but foreign bodies [something stuck inside a pet that shouldn’t be there] are definitely the strangest. From knickers to knives!

  • What’s the most incredible survival story you’ve ever helped to treat? My most incredible survival story has got to be my rescue dog Sam. He was brought into PDSA as a stray – he was very, very emaciated. He was transferred over to the RSPCA, but as he was very elderly they weren’t sure they would be able to rehome him. I decided he deserved some pampering at the end of his life, even if that didn’t last long, so I took him home even though I knew he would probably break my heart. He is still plodding on four years later! It’s amazing how resilient he is, despite the neglect he endured before.