Meet Stephen

Stephen is our Senior Vet at Kirkdale PDSA Pet Hospital. It’s his job to lead the veterinary team at this busy hospital, although the fact he's allergic to animals can complicate things!


  • Where did you study? Royal Veterinary College, London.

  • How long have you worked for PDSA? 21 years.

  • What do you most enjoy about working at PDSA? The team, the buzz of working in a busy hospital, the surgery, especially orthopaedics.

  • What’s the strangest case you’ve ever seen at PDSA? A tarantula – I stayed on the other side of the table to it! I’ve had to stitch up the occasional iguana as well.

  • What's the most incredible case you've ever treated? It’s difficult to keep tabs as we see so many. I do remember a cat that was shot with an airgun pellet – it had smashed his hind leg, but we were able to save the leg and the cat. He recovered well afterwards.

  • Do you have any hobbies? With my wife, my 12 year-old daughter and a busy veterinary hospital to look after, I have very little time left! But I still enjoy music – I play the trumpet, and a little piano and drums.

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