Meet the real stars of the show – our wonderful furry and feathered pet patients!

Having a pet is wonderful, but it can be devastating if they become ill or get into mischief and injure themselves. Thankfully, PDSA is there to help hard-pressed owners in times of need, treating each pet as if they were their own.

From budgies to Border Collies, rabbits to Rottweilers – our dedicated vet teams mend broken bones, treat life-threatening conditions and dish out TLC every day for hundreds of much-loved pets in Liverpool. Find out more about the pet patients who star in The People’s Vet TV series, which goes behind-the-scenes at two of PDSA’s busy Pet Hospitals.

Meet the pet stars of the show

Episode one

A cat who likes to fight with foxes, a poorly Staffie and a funky chicken... all this and more in episode one.

Meet the pets

Episode two

This episode: A cat with a skin condition, a radio DJ parrot and a pug who really doesn't want to go to sleep.

Meet the pets

Episode three

Our vets tackle a Chihuahua with a growth on its lip, a very ill hedgehog and a 'royal' appointment!

Meet the pets

Episode four

This episode our vets face lumps and bumps, a Yorkie with smelly breath and a larger than life patient.

Meet the pets

Episode five

Our vets meet an immovable Mastiff, a wandering Pomeranian, and a medal-winning therapy dog!

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Episode six

Tiny pup Buddy steals the hearts of our staff when he comes in to one of our Pet Hospitals with an injured paw

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Episode seven

Little Gavin the kitten suddenly started limping, so his owner brought him along to Huyton PDSA to get his leg examined.

Meet the pets

Episode eight

Our vets meet an adorable puppy, a Jack Russell with a football injury and a poorly cat with a worrying growth on her tail.

Meet the pets

Episode nine

A rat with breathing difficulties, a poorly rabbit and a smiling Staffie are just some of the pets in this week's episode.

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Episode ten

This week: A Bichon Frise with a Liver condition, a car-accident survivor Spaniel and an Alaskan Malamute who loves to howl.

Meet the pets

Episode eleven

Our vets meet a Lurcher with a wounded paw, a cat who's losing weight and a little pug who's got into a bit of a scrap with a cat.

Meet the pets

Episode twelve

Buddy was born with a cleft palate and needs to be hand fed, Bear the rat has a mysterious lump and we see a cat with a painful tail injury.

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