Selby's Story

Selby spent a week being nursed back from the brink of death. Luckily, a simple vaccination can stop other pets from getting as sick as Selby.

9-week-old Selby had only been in his new home for 4 days when he became ill. He lost interest in his food and began suffering with terrible diarrhoea and sickness. His worried owner, Christopher, rushed him to our vets at Bradford Pet Hospital.

Our vets treated Selby for an infection but, when he didn’t improve, they discovered it was something much more serious – life-threatening parvovirus.

Selby’s life was in the balance

The young pup needed round-the-clock care from our vet team. The virus is so serious that he had to be kept in isolation so he couldn’t pass it to other dogs.

PDSA Vet Kirsty Warren said: “There is no cure for parvovirus so all we could do was treat him with antibiotics, anti-sickness drugs and intravenous fluids, and hope that he would be strong enough to pull through.”

Luckily, after 7 days in intensive care, Selby turned a corner and started getting better.

Selby’s illness was devastating for Christopher: “I can’t thank the vets and nurses at PDSA enough, they’ve saved his life and I’ll always be grateful to them.”

Selby the husky puppy survived parvovirus

Vaccinations save lives

Selby was lucky to survive parvovirus but, sadly, many dogs don’t. A simple vaccination can make all the difference and could save your dog’s life.

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