Trevor's story

Trevor was given a 50/50 chance of survival after he caught parvovirus, a killer disease for dogs. Luckily, a simple vaccination can put a stop to parvo.

Twelve-week-old Trevor had only been with his new owner, Courtney, for a few days when she brought him in for his first vaccinations. He’d been under-the-weather since he arrived at his new home and quickly went downhill.

Vets told Courtney that Trevor was too ill to be vaccinated – and diagnosed him with life-threatening parvovirus.

Trevor’s life hung in the balance.

It was a terrible time for Courtney and her son, Jayden. She said “The most heart-breaking part was telling my son that his new best friend might not make it.”

Our team of vets at Nottingham Pet Hospital battled to save the young puppy’s life but his conditions got worse as the disease took hold. He needed intensive nursing and suffered from dehydration as his sickness and bloody diarrhoea took its toll. He was put on a drip and given fluids, and other medication including pain relief, to help him feel better while his immune system fought the virus.

PDSA Senior Vet Flo Morrison said: “Sadly there is no cure for parvovirus and it was touch-and-go for Trevor. Our only course of action was to provide support to try and prevent his body from being completely overwhelmed by the virus – and despite being so desperately ill, he always managed to wag his tail when staff tended to him”

Thankfully, Trevor’s condition started to improve and he was able to go home.

Vaccinations save lives

Tragically, parvovirus is deadly for many dogs and not all stories have the happy ending Trevor’s did. A simple vaccination is the answer and is often the difference between life and death.

Courtney said “It was such a traumatic time - I wouldn’t wish this on any other family. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting your pets vaccinated.”

Once Trevor has regained his strength, Courtney will be getting him vaccinated to protect him in the future.

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