National Pet Show

Come along and join us at the National Pet Show

National Pet Show

We are pleased to announce we’ll be attending National Pet Show in London on 6 and 7 May, so why not come along and join us and talk to our veterinary experts?

Enter our prize draw for a chance to win free tickets. Visit the National Pet Show website to find out more about what's happening at the show. 

Talk to us

At PDSA our team of veterinary experts spend every day saving the lives of sick and injured pets but it also goes way beyond that. We use every opportunity to talk to pet owners to help them keep their pets as happy and healthy as possible. So why not pop along and say hello and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
National Pet Show PDSA Petwise Stall

PDSA supports National Pet Show in looking for Heroic Hounds

National Pet Show London is on the lookout for the UK’s most courageous and clever canines to enter the National Pet Show’s Heroic Hounds competition, in association with the PDSA. Do you know a dog that has done something special for their owner or in the community?  

Perhaps you have a dog that has helped you overcome a problem, an illness or a fall; or can detect when you are about to become ill? Does your dog work in rescue, or is he or she a therapy or service dog? 

To enter, email us on and describe in up to 400 words why your dog (or a dog you know) deserves to win, Include:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your dog’s name, breed and age
  • a photo of you and your dog (or of your dog). 

The National Pet Show and the PDSA will be awarding the chosen winners during SuperDogs Live taking place at the National Pet Show on 6 & 7 May, at 12.00 and 2.45pm in the SuperTheatre.

Entry Deadline: 9am Tuesday 18th April 2017.

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Thinking of getting a pet?

If you’re visiting the show because you’re thinking of bringing a new four-legged friend into your home, don’t forget to visit the vet care advice point. This is being set up at our special PetCheck vehicle, whose day job is usually travelling the country providing free wellbeing checks to dogs.

Find out more about PDSA PetCheck!

Prize Draw

Enter our prize draw for a chance to win free tickets to the National Pet Show in London. 

Heroic Hounds

Do you know a heroic dog? Enter them into the National Pet Show competition!

Support us

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