Each day our vets treat 5,300 pets and that huge number is set to rise further in the year ahead.

We’re facing a huge increase in demand for our services to treat sick and injured pets – but our existing premises are busting at the seams! Our new Pet Hospital will be able to provide a bigger and better waiting room that will help pets to feel more relaxed when they arrive. It will offer separate recovery wards for pets, helping dogs, cats and small furries to recuperate in a warm, safe and stress-free environment.

We already have our building plans in place, but there’s a long way to go before our new Pet Hospital will be ready to accept sick and injured pets. It’s vital that each room is built and equipped – from the clean and sterile operating theatre where vets can savepets’ lives, to the diagnostic suite, where our vets will be able to diagnose pets in a ‘non invasive’ manner, and provide immediate or same-day results.


Pets treated each day

£1.5 m
Cost of a new PDSA Pet Hospital

Could pay for two acoustic ceiling tiles to help make the critical care ward as quiet as possible for the most seriously ill pets – ensuring they get the rest they need in order to recover as quickly as possible.

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New Pet Hospital Plan

The blue print below shows you all the rooms we’re proposing to build in our new PDSA Pet Hospital. With six consulting rooms we’ll be able to see and treat more pets every year. And that’s why your support is so vital.

£25 could pay for two square metres of vinyl sheet flooring ensuring our treatment rooms are clean and hygienic for pets like Lady, who you can read about on the next tab. Will you please Dig Deep today? Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated and help treat more sick and injured pets.


By building a new Pet Hospital we can help even more pets like Lady...


Case Study

Six-year-old Ellie was deeply upset when Lady, her tiny Shih Tzu puppy, had to go to the vet’s. Her mother Sarah said: “I noticed Lady had started sitting in a funny position, with her body slightly twisted. Then she went off her food and squeaked when Ellie picked her up.” Lady was taken to a PDSA Pet Hospital in Old Trafford, Manchester where vet, James Friars said: “An x-ray revealed some abdominal anomalies although it wasn’t possible to make a definite diagnosis. But when we examined her abdomen we could definitely feel a thickening of the intestine.” After an internal operation to find out what the problem was they found a 4½-inch lolly stick inside her. PDSA vets were amazed that the stick hadn’t caused any serious internal damage. James continued: “If it had been left untreated it could have pierced her intestines causing potentially fatal peritonitis so Lady is a very lucky girl!” Thankfully Lady made a full recovery much to the relief of the whole family, and Ellie is delighted to have her playmate home safe again.


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