PDSA Pet Survivor 2016

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Two-year-old Darcy, a Cocker Spaniel from Scotland, survived a terrifying fall down a 60-ft dam, but has now been crowned PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year. Watch her incredible story below or read the full story here

PDSA Pet Survivor 2016 - Darcy is our winner!

The PDSA Pet Survivor Awards recognise the most incredible tales of pet survival. We received amazing stories of pets who’d dodged disaster and beaten the odds thanks to the skill of vet teams, the love of their owners and their own survival spirit. 

We received entries from all over the UK and our judging panel, which included actress Pam St Clement, helped us to shortlist just six superstar pets. Thousands of people voted to help us choose the winner, but all six pets are true survivors in our eyes. You can watch all their stories below.

PDSA Pet Survivor is run in association with PDSA Petsurance: selected by our vets so you can find the perfect cover for your pet 

The following pages includes images which some people may find distressing.

Our PDSA Pet Survivor 2016 Finalists

Arthur’s story

Arthur dragged himself home with an illegal animal trap clamped to his leg, which had to be amputated.

Bodie’s story

Bodie was left with horrendous injuries after a vicious dog attack, requiring several major operations.

Buddy’s story

Buddy suffered extensive burns after pulling a boiling casserole over himself, requiring months of care.

Darcy’s story

Darcy miraculously survived falling down a 60ft dam, but was left with a long list of horrific injuries.

Dobby’s story

Dobby nearly died after sustaining terrible internal injuries when he ended up in the jaws of a large dog.

Hans’ story

Hans was close to death when abandoned with a severely infected head injury, caused by a dog or fox attack.

About Pet Survivor

About PDSA Pet Survivor

These awards recognise the most amazing pets who have survived against all the odds.

PDSA Pet Survivor – previous winners

Over the years we’ve been inundated with extraordinary tales; from cats trapped in house fires to dogs hit by trains. All made incredible recoveries.

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