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Dog Tracker Nano is a live tracking device and mobile app that will show you where your dog is and how much exercise they do. It is small, lightweight, strong and waterproof and can be worn every day by all breeds except miniature and toy, on a collar or harness, providing year round tracking.

Exercise outside of their home and garden is important for all dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. Some owners are worried about taking their dogs out or letting them exercise off the lead, in case they run away, become lost, or worse, stolen.

Training your dog to walk safely off the lead, including reliable recall training, is the safest way of ensuring you and your dog both enjoy off lead exercise. While your dog is off the lead the Dog Tracker Nano gives you reliable information about where they are and how far they go.

Used daily, Dog Tracker Nano will tell you how much exercise your dog is getting with personal goals for distance, time and speed. There’s also lots of useful information once you enter your dog’s details including advice on weight, exercise and nutrition.

Nano is an always-on ‘live tracker’ providing a constant location of your dog on your mobile. If your dog is lost or stolen the Nano is a tool to help reunite you and your dog as quickly as possible.

Key features of the Dog Tracker Nano

  • Track your favourite walks with details of time spent, distance and average speed
  • Monitor your dog’s daily activity and set exercise goals
  • Enter your dog’s details and get personal advice to keep them fit and well
  • Find your dog in seconds with streetview, satellite maps, viewcam and compass
  • Set safety zones with audible alerts on your mobile phone when your dog goes astray
  • Designed, manufactured and serviced in the UK
  • See multiple dogs on multiple mobiles. 

Using Dog Tracker Nano

Choose the Nano and package that is right for you and personalise your Nano with upgrades and accessories. All packages give you unlimited usage in the UK and EU with a SIM and all fees included. 

All Nano smart trackers come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a no quibble warranty