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1st prize        £20,000

3rd prize       £200 (5 to be won)
2nd prize       £2,000
4th prize       £20 (100 to be won)


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Why play the PDSA Raffle?

With 108 fantastic prizes to be won and just 50p a ticket, our raffle offers you great value for money. You will also be helping pets too. Either Enter Online, or if you'd prefer to receive a paper ticket book then Order Here and tickets will be sent to you in the post. Return these to be in with a chance to win.

Our next draw takes place on 29th May 2014 when all prizes must be won.

A luxury cruise or 12,000 in cash

People really do win! 

Recent winners - 20 March 2014

1st Prize
£12,000 in Cash
Mrs M Nicholas, North Yorkshire
Ticket Number B114 00358322

2nd Prize
£2,500 in Cash
Mrs M Filer, Gwent
Ticket Number B114 01095497

3rd Prize
5 x £250 in Cash
Mrs J Oldershaw, Shropshire, B114 04236773
Mrs M Moine, Brighton, B114 03497418
Mr T Deacon, Dorset, B114 01375837
Mr J Longstaff, Birmingham, B114 01692087
Mrs B Britton, Cardiff, B114 04290877

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4th Prize
25 x £50.00 in cash
Mrs J Read, Worcestershire, B114 01852483
Mrs S Burley, Cornwall, B114 05437445
Mrs J Allchorn, East Sussex, B114 02681426
Mr D Adam, Aberdeen, B114 03882151
Ms J Carter, Birmingham, 5616101
Mr A Budd, Plymouth, B114 01117645
Mrs D Macdonald, Caithness, B114 02721668
Ms B Davies, Cheshire, 5610399
Mrs C Edwards, Southampton, B114 05340894
Miss S Arnett, North Yorkshire, B114 03994253
Mrs S Cooksley, Ross-Shire, B114 00130963
Mrs M Irvine, Perthshire, B114 03932869
Mrs E Coombes, Hampshire, B114 01348215
Mrs A Horsman, Dorset, B114 03108859
Ms J Maw, Liverpool, 5584651
Mrs J Verrall, Brighton, B1OL 14 00197409
Mrs K Kane, Buckinghamshire, B114 02056339
Mrs A Piper, Gloucestershire, B114 03633378
Mrs M Webb, Kent, B114 03392349
Mrs P Grantham, Essex, B114 05231848
Mrs B Dixon, North Yorkshire, B114 03962513
Mr L Gregory, Swindon, B114 04393925
Mrs P Morgan, Surrey, B114 04949418
M Ollerearnshaw, Sheffield, B114 05511180
Mrs E Hue, Preston, B114 04095895

Gambling Concerns

Gambling can be great fun, but it’s also important to know when to stop and what the danger signs are. If you think you may be developing a gambling problem, to speak to someone about this, contact GamCare in confidence on 0845 6000 133 or visit www.gamcare.org.uk


The Small Print

The PDSA raffle is registered with the Gambling Commission under the 2005 Gambling Act. This legislation does not permit persons under 16 years of age or residents of Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey or non-UK residents to enter the raffle.



Raffle Countdown

Enter online by 26th May 2014
Countdown until the next draw date:

40 days
23 hrs
16 min
56 sec

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