Pet Hospital clients

What’s changing?

  • From 31 July 2017, the number of pets our eligible clients can register for free treatment in our PDSA Pet Hospitals will be reduced, from three to one.

  • If you currently have multiple pets registered with us, these changes will not take effect for you until 30 October 2017.

  • From Monday 30 October 2017, existing Pet Hospital clients can access free treatment for one pet. Any other pets will be able to access PDSA care through our reduced-cost charitable veterinary service.

  • For any pets currently registered that are receiving care for a lifelong illness, free treatment for these pets will continue. Your Pet Hospital will be able to provide further information on this.

  • If you have more than one pet we can provide guidance on which pet to register for our free service and our Pet Hospital team will talk to you about this.

  • We are also extending our registration period for all clients to 12 months. This means that next time you are required to register it will be for a 12 month period. We are encouraging PDSA clients to keep all of their pets continuously registered to benefit from all the services that are available at their local PDSA Pet Hospital.

Why are you making these changes?

By making these changes we can reach more pet owners in need of our help from the limited funds we have available. As a charity we receive no Government funding and rely on the generosity of our supporters and clients to run our service.

By re-shaping our services we can make best use of the money we have to make the biggest impact on pet wellbeing. These changes will secure our future, and mean we are still here to help people and pets long into the future.

How do I pick which pet is free?

You can discuss this with the vets and nurses at your local Pet Hospital. There’s no immediate rush - your next planned appointment will be fine.

Does the pedigree pet rule still apply?

No. Owners eligible for our free veterinary service are welcome to register a pedigree pet for treatment. If eligible owners have more than one pedigree they can register these additional pets for our reduced cost service.

What is the reduced cost service that clients with more than one pet can use?

Our reduced cost service means that our clients can still register all of their pets with us and have them treated at our Pet Hospitals. This service offers excellent value for money and our vets and nurses are very skilled which means we can do most treatments and procedures at our Pet Hospitals.

We also offer preventive services for all our client's pets, including vaccinations, neutering, microchipping and flea and worm treatments, at an affordable cost.

Is there a limit to the number of pets or limit to the types of breed (e.g. pedigrees) I can register for your reduced cost service?

There is no limit to the number of pets or the type (e.g. pedigrees) eligible owners can register for our reduced cost service.

What are the prices of your reduced cost and preventive services?

We aim to keep our prices affordable for our clients. An initial consultation with a vet will cost between £20-24, follow up consultations with a vet cost from £14 and with a vet nurse from £9. Overall the total cost, including any treatment needed, is normally significantly cheaper than local private vets.

For specific prices based on your pet’s condition or further information please speak to your local PDSA Pet Hospital and they will be happy to help.

What if my pet/s have a life-long illness requiring ongoing medical care?

If your pet/s have a lifelong or chronic medical condition, such as heart disease or diabetes then free care will continue. Even if you have multiple pets that are in need of ongoing care, free care will be provided.

Do these new rules apply only to dogs and cats – what about small furry pets such as rabbits?

These changes apply to all pets with the exception of rabbits and certain other types of 'small furry' pets who should be kept with a companion. In these cases, two pets will be counted as one for the purposes of PDSA registration. For details of which pets this applies to, speak to your local Pet Hospital.

What do I need to do next?

Nothing immediately. These changes don’t come into effect until 30 October. For more information, please speak to your vet at your next appointment and they will talk you through these changes.

Is PDSA in financial crisis?

No, these changes are being made to ensure that PDSA’s future financial position remains healthy. We have a responsibility not only to address the short-term pressures that all charities are facing, but to also look to drive long-term sustainability so that we can continue to achieve the greatest impact possible for pet wellbeing. These changes mean we can continue to reach people in need for the long term.

For further information please call our client services team on 08081645055 or via our online contact form. Alternatively, please speak to your local PDSA Pet Hospital.

We will always do our best to answer calls and respond to any enquiries as quickly as possible. If we do experience high call volumes please bear with us.