Win prizes with PDSA Raffle

The more tickets you buy or sell, the more pets you’ll help get well enter the PDSA raffle now for a chance of winning great prizes!

The PDSA Raffle costs just 50p per ticket – that’s half the price of most other charity raffles. Great fun, great prizes and each ticket you buy, increases your chance of scooping the jackpot. Each £5 book of tickets bought by people like you helps us give life-saving treatment to poorly pets.

1st Prize:

£12,000 Cash 

2nd Prize:

£3,000 Cash

3rd Prize:

£2000 Cash

Here are our most recent winners from our 22 December 2015 draw

1st Prize

£14,000. Dr. F Stewart, Morayshire.

2nd Prize

£2,000. Mr S Starr, Nottinghamshire.

3rd Prize

£1,000. Mr J Timson, Merseyside. 

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Small print

The PDSA Raffle is registered with the Gambling Commission under the 2005 Gambling Act.  This legislation does not permit persons under 16 years of age or residents of Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey or non-UK residents to enter the raffle.